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A series not to be missed with the latest and most unique information for the finest shopping, delectable dining, exciting nightlife, engaging arts, recreational activities and culture; EyeTV is a broadcast targeted mostly to affluent visitors to the country as well as the residents of the islands. The features capture all the top things to do of the islands, places to see, services to use and restaurants to experience.


For tourists who plan to visit any of the islands this is an opportunity to have a guide to local resources and for returning guests, an update on the latest to experience. The program invites people from all over the world to enjoy a wide range of tourist attractions, with the islands warm friendly people and its unique natural, cultural and architectural attractions. The Caribbean is well-known for couples looking to enjoy a getaway or families wanting to experience another milestone together. Known to have the best beaches and highest ranked destinations, this program will allow you to experience all that you require.


As a sponsor on the channel/program, we allow you to tell your story with the best crew available. We assist you by creating your scripts and produce your segment with your vision and validation. We begin with listening, as we want to understand the essence of your organization or establishment, tailoring to your unique message and audience. We help develop concepts, ideas, and navigate the scripts.


Whether you need a small camera crew to capture your event or a full-blown production we have you covered. We’ve shot it all, big and small.


All effective programs have beautiful design. Form follows function; your culture, your goals and your audience will inform the choices of layout, fonts, colors, look and feel. Everything works to communicate with your brand or style.


We also allow you to use the final digital video for distribution in your content marketing strategy.

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